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Монгол хэл


About Us


Led by architect, designer and educator, Stuart William brings a cultured creative direction to the Ulaanbaatar based design studio.

With an academic and professional background developed in London at the most demanding levels of study and practice in the world. Paired with extensive experience hand crafting, and a design intuition drawing upon many years of invested international work and research.

"The principles I work towards essentially relate to sustainability and a healthy balance between humanity and nature, these values form the foundation of this project's honouring of traditional aesthetics. Learning from the past is fundamental. Be that the customary food, fashion, language, lifestyle or indeed the arts, crafts and architecture of a place.


The connected contemporary world has a way of promoting reference to the present moment, the 'there and now'. This global and temporal bias comes at the cost of a deeper connection to a given place, a connection which spans distance not across land and sea but rather through time. 


Mongolian furniture's traditional patterns are a product of highly evolved design aesthetics which have story, reason and rationale for their coming to being. So to be here and to find the chance to study this heritage in our work is a real pleasure."


The workshops we currently contract are highly experienced, independent local furniture makers. Many members of their teams have made furniture their entire lives and their artists have inherited their practice of patterning from parents and grandparents.


Each one of our makers is excited to work with our studio to produce new bespoke items, custom made with great care and appreciation for our customers.


Every item of furniture is made with the sincere hope for the customer to be delighted with the unique and uplifting spirit of these hand crafted pieces. Furniture which showcases a truly Mongolian aesthetic.

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