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Монгол хэл


Our Furniture In Focus

The launch of this furniture series follows an exciting period of in-depth analysis and design development, during this time a number of notable features were realised.

In the following sections we will outline some of these features.

Assembly and Disassembly.

Our bed frames come flat packed in 5 pieces (plus slats) and are very simple to put together (assembly is offered upon delivery and typically takes 20 minutes). The frames are just as easy to disassemble for the once in a while transportation or perhaps seasonal storage.


This logic is commonplace in the wider furniture trade for logistical and economic reasons, yet here in Mongolia it also stems from the nomadic herders' lifestyles, alongside which this furniture type has evolved. However these bed frames are far more robust and heavy than would be practical for herders' seasonal movements!


Airflow and Air quality.

Raised off the floor and offset from the wall permitting increased air circulation and also allowing easy vacuum cleaning. Constructed without any foam or fabric upholstery. All this goes toward better air quality for a comfortable and healthy night's rest. 


Allowing air to flow beneath the bed is particularly beneficial in places which are subject to particulate air pollution. The particles are carried into homes by draughts blowing in from outside, the cooler draughty air is more present across the floor surface. Therefore a bed frame which allows air to pass beneath will limit the amount of draught over the mattress, in comparison to a mattress directly on the floor or a lower bedframe without floor clearance.


Sustainable and Ethical.

Our furniture is locally built from locally sourced materials, supporting traditional artisanal crafts, paying fairly and investing in the improvement of working conditions of our contracted workshops.


Solid wood construction also lends to a furniture item which can last a lifetime or more, and can be repaired if damaged, or recycled with essentially no environmental impact if ultimately not needed.


Interior Design.

Our folded headboard option offers a solution to whether a bed belongs against or 'floated' away from a wall in a typical bedroom. The folded design is taken directly from Mongolian Ger furniture, where the folds help create a better relationship with the circular internal wall.


In contemporary interiors however you'll probably notice that any freestanding furnishing typically feels more comfortable in a room when there is space to circulate, or at least some breathing space between the furniture and the walls. The classic example is with living room furniture, but the same is true, if often overlooked in the bedroom. 


Please see our Styling page for more Interior Design ideas.


Made to Measure.

Made to order and sized to your preference ensuring a perfect fit for your mattress. A guide to our bed frame dimensions for standard mattress sizes are as follows:

Super King size with folded headboard: 220cm long, 190cm wide

Super King size with straight headboard: 210cm long, 190cm wide

Queen size with folded headboard: 220cm long, 160cm wide

Queen size with straight headboard: 210cm long, 160cm wide

Single size: 210cm long, 100cm wide

With side tables, 35cm additional space each side is required.


Super King size with two side tables: 260cm wide

Queen size with two side tables: 220cm wide

Single size with one side table: 135cm wide

Further Recommendations.

Further to the beneficial features of our furniture as described above which we hope will enhance your sleep, we like to recommend use of complimentary products to ensure an optimal rest.

We recommend to avoid all synthetic bedding. Any bedding, including blankets, sheets, pillowcases, covers, duvets and pillows should all be entirely of natural fibres such as cotton and silk (including the duvet and pillow filling which may be wool or feather down). We imagine you'll sleep much more comfortably.


This is especially beneficial in dry climates such as Mongolia, where synthetic bedding such as acrylic and polyester generates a lot of static electricity.

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