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Монгол хэл


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Summer, 2023.

Bespoke designs, custom made...

...locally built in solid wood and hand painted.


Mongolian furniture traditionally features rich, hand painted patterning in numerous colours, often with two tones of each hue (one lighter, one darker) accented with white. Patterns include both delicate swirling paths with more robust geometries often involving bold angular lines.


Interlocking elements, symmetry, continuous loops and knots are found throughout. The base colour is typically a bright orange although other bases are common, and gold paint is used on prominent edges - giving a warm and rich metallic highlight to the palette.

The types of furniture relate directly to the Mongolian Ger and it's function (the traditional home used by nomadic herders as well as large numbers of settled Mongolians). These include beds (ор), tables (ширээ), seats (сандал), storage trunks (авдар) and other cabinets - some purely for utility whilst others fulfil more ceremonial or display purposes.


We are pleased to introduce the following series.

Developed for contemporary interiors yet capturing the culture and spirit which makes this furniture type so special.

One frame, four forms.


Premiering on midnight ember, Crown is power and beauty.


Arriving on blackened umber, Temple is depth and serenity.


Launching on blushing snow, Banner is love and youth.


Debuting on glacier blue, Monument is purpose and strength.

With future editions of our furniture on the horizon, and personalized design services available, you are invited to contact us for something unique to your own requirements.

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